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My latest Orange Moon Illustration

Ever since my first and only encounter with a baby elephant at London zoo in my early twenties. With the elephant being so small I was able to look straight into his soulful eyes and at that moment I felt a connection.

Elephants have a Soul Too!

Elephants have a Soul Too: Elephants display love openly, they listen with their hearts.

Their love, their beauty, their compassion and respect for others has always humbled me. 


Very few of us will ever have the privilege of experiencing elephants in the wild. I dream of one day volunteering to help orphaned elephants but until then – what can I do to help? I can use my creativity and imagination…to help raise awareness for these soulful animals.

Please take a moment to read my published post in Elephants Journal : Let Us Not Forget The Elephants

How can you help?

The poster below is a gift from my heart to you for our beautiful friends -the Elephants. I invite you to celebrate these amazing gentle giants and  help raise awareness of the important  role they play in the circle of life. Download the poster2 and print it off. Pin it up to remind you and your loved ones of our deep connection with these amazing animals. Send it to a friend. Share it with your friends at work.Take a copy to your local school.

Let us not forget the elephants.

Let us be mindful and full of gratitude for all the animals, insects , plants, trees and all living things. A mindful life, is a happy life !


If we practice compassion and mindfulness daily and nurture it in our children, it offers hope for humanity, for the elephants and all other living things including our beautiful yet fragile little planet.

Wishing you all a beautiful and enchanting week in nature, love and peace Marghanita x

If you would like a copy of one of my Elephant Illustrations you can email me: info@marghanita.com 

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