Sharing a Message of Peace


Sharing a message of Peace

I invite you to share your favourite PEACE quote or message with Orange Moon and I’ll add it to one these peaceful illustrations of your choice.

I will feature every quote submitted over the following months. Just leave your PEACE quote or message below in the message box and let me know which coloured background you prefer.

Thank you for helping to share the love and peace. Wishing you a beautiful and creative day, love and peace Marghanita xx

purple-peace ruby textured-choc yellow peace-poster-4 pink-peace aqua blue-peace chocolate

If you would like to purchase your illustrated quote or message I would be delighted to make you a print : $9.99 plus postage. Just drop me an email : or let me know in your message below. Love and peace my beautiful friends, Marghanita xx

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chocolatepigSharing a Message of Peace

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