A child of nature-a connection to what we value and need in our complex world


Every child deserves to : run wild and free; dance amongst the wildflowers swaying in the warm summer breeze.; taste the sweetness of wild berries.; melt into a sunset and drift off to sleep having been kissed by moonbeams.

Earthly Love” is my new Orange Moon picture book and hope to have it published by late Summer…will keep you posted!


“Marghanita Hughes has given us a small treasure trove of wisdom, magic and practicality within the colourful pages of Orange Moon ~ Grandmother Tree. Whether a child, parent, or simply forever young-at-heart, you cannot help but be captivated by the delightful ìOrange Moon as she steps barefoot into another day of adventure in nature. Within the words and behind Marghanitaís glorious drawings and photographs, there lies tender heart-filled messages for the children whose hands will be holding this book. As well, there is also a delicious array of nature activities that not only teach, but will absolutely inspire all those who try them ~ young and old. Marghanita’s passion to bring the magic of nature and children together has more then succeeded with this charming and motivating little book.” – Wendalynne

Rich hues of orange-red with a hint of umber contrast with brilliant wildflowers of summer, to set the stage for a vibrant story that warmed my heart and imagination!

At bedtime I sat down to read Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree.
Elloise, otherwise known as Orange Moon loves to play outside anytime of the year, but especially summer. Reading the story aloud to myself brought to life the healing power of love.
Orange Moon (Elloise) shares her love and joy with a new friend. She has experienced grief and empathizes easily with the loss her friend feels. So Orange Moon shares what she compassionately believes to be true and gratefully celebrates this with her Grandmother Tree and her new friend too.
Gently Orange Moon models how to open our hearts warmly with love to discover more about nature, our relationships and our selves.
I noticed myself pausing to gaze at the beautiful pictures. As I reflected, they reminded me of my own childhood innocence spent in natural spaces relaxing and playing during timeless days.

I realized the power of these beautiful pictures can invite a young child also to pause and gaze at the nature surrounding Orange Moon. The pictures can invite the readers to talk and warmly open our own hearts to share just like Orange Moon.
This story eloquently expresses the healing potential of seeking out nature and noticing how infinitely connected we all are to each other and everything on our world.
This book is a treasure, a keeper, and one that will enrich a very young child as a picture book and last right through the school age years!
The story can enrich our adult lives too, as Orange Moon encourages all of us to open our hearts, to notice the beauty andhealing potential within nature! There is a lifetime of wisdom to discover within this story, to grow with your child and within us adults too.

Marghanita Hughes is such a talented Storyteller, Illustrator, and Photographer! She is truly able to spark a child’s sense”- Sherry Robinson

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